Senior teacher Pauker annoying Jauch


In the big teacher’s special, Jauch finds teachers on the tooth. Many people quickly reach their limits – guaranteed to the glee of many students. And then comes a question about FDP leader Lindner and Jens Spahn! Too much for a politics teacher!

Feeling on Monday night Günther Jauch in the great teacher’s special Paukern on the tooth. Eight teachers try their luck, three get the chance to guess to the top. The prelude is Peter Wagner, a 62-year-old biology teacher at a boarding school for school objectors.

Jauch on the podium: The moderator was certainly an exemplary student. (Source: MG RTL D / Stefan Gregorowius)

The poems rappende lateral entrants is quite teacher-lecturer, as he notes that you have capitalized the last letter of his name. On the tablet in its place written with chalk WagneR. Jauch rolls his eyes like a school angel.

The passionate beekeeper chooses the classic Joker variant, but is already at the 1,000-euro question on the hose. When he agrees to a wrong answer, the showmaster proposes to him the use of a joker, whereupon he has to be told promptly that he only wants to nudge the joker. Jauch ironically echauffiert: “They fabulate here and throw before ME … That’s incredible!”

The question is: What applies in six states all year round, in most others only from March 1 to October 31? Of course the smoking ban in the forest. Wagner had shot at the no-fly ban at night. The showmaster can not help but ask, “Why should not you smoke in the woods in winter?”

From roulades to Jens Spahn
Despite the small wobbler, the trained carpenter, who actually still owns his first-class satchel, collects 64,000 euros. By winning, he wants to open a small shop in the village where he lives.

Even the next Pauker, the 26-year-old trainee Alexander Schwarz, has his problems with the 1,000-euro question. Well, what is in many households, if not necessarily in Nähkörbchen? A) kitchen yarn, B) passages, C) bathroom twine or D) salon wool? Black, who has obviously never tasted roulades in his life, has to attract the crowd joker. Right is A, the kitchen yarn.

Alexander Schwarz is happy about 16,000 euros. (Source: MG RTL D / Stefan Gregorowius)

The prospective teacher of math, who had a 5 in math as a student, only faltering again at the 16,000-euro question: What is the relationship between FDP leader Lindner and CDU top politician Spahn? A) sponsored child godfather, B) employee boss, C) tenant landlord, D) brother-in-law brother-in-law. Right is C and thus the game-off for the 26-year-old, who mentions only very quietly that he will also teach politics. The 32,000 euros would have given him alone.

A subject called Jauch
The teacher special does not want to really rock. None of the timpani can boast a broad general knowledge. Not even the German teacher, Mirco Geschwind, who already packs the violin with 8,000 euros in his pocket. Maybe it’s a bit of a question. So another is about: Only for over 200 years, you demonstrably used for the production of …? A) stollen flour, B) red wine grapes, C) ketchup tomatoes, D) toast Hawaii pineapple.

Correct answer is C. Because Ketchup is originally from China and was formerly made from fish and shellfish. ” Who will become a millionaire “Questions as a small subject: That would be it! It could simply be named after its moderator: German, math, history, Jauch.


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