seniors are fed up with being put under house arrest

“To sacrifice young people is an aberration”

He is a “Essential figure of contemporary French thought”, remember The Belgian Echo. And “In the symphony around the coronavirus and containment”, the philosopher André Comte-Sponville, author of some twenty books, “Threw a pavement in the pond” in mid-April, deploring “That we sacrifice the young to the detriment of the elderly”, complete The weather. 68 years old, recognizing himself as one of the “Populations at risk” faced with the virus it frankly claims to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) : “I would rather have Covid-19 than be locked up for the rest of my life.” In The weather, he adds: “I’m not ready to sacrifice my freedom on the altar of health!” What worries him with this crisis is more the fate of young people: “With the economic recession that stems from containment, these are [eux] who will pay the heaviest price, whether in the form of unemployment or debt “, he said to the Swiss newspaper. “To sacrifice the young for the health of the old is an aberration. It makes me want to cry. ”

André Comte-Sponville, who was a member of the National Ethics Advisory Committee, “Also highlights that scientists and health are now at the heart of any debate”, add La Libre Belgique. What he calls the “Pan-medicalism”, complete The Belgian Echo, which consists in “To make health (and no longer justice, love or freedom) the supreme value”. For the philosopher, “It is politics that must decide” more, specifies the FAZ, even if he “Recognizes Macron ‘Stature’ in crisis management. According to the German newspaper, the “voice” from the hyper-authored author “Nonetheless belongs more to critical reason than to intellectuals, opinion makers of the right and the left.” In any case, judge The Free, “It’s not going with the back of the spoon”.

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