Sensational details in front of BLIC TV for Berlusconi

What is it like to meet in person one of the most colorful people in the world of football – Silvio Berlusconi? And is the legend preparing a new large-scale project?

Valentin Antov answered these and other curious questions in an interview with Borislav Orlinov and BLIC TV.

In the first part of the conversation, the Bulgarian national team commented on the final of the Bulgarian Cup between his former team CSKA and Levskiand in the second he talks about life in Italy and what it’s like to play against Karim Benzema.

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– Valio, what is the situation in Monza?
Everything is fine, we are disappointed because we had a chance to qualify for Serie A directly. Now we have to prepare seriously and hope to win the other matches.

– What didn’t work at the end of the season?
Nothing has changed. We failed to take the last match. The playoffs are serious, but we are a serious team. The goal is to qualify.

– What is your impression of Monza, are you used to it?
It’s been a long time. I’m used to it, there is a good team. I hope to record more minutes, we’ll see next season.

– What impressed you when you joined the new team?
It is different in each team – it depends on both the coach and the players. The training is very serious, but it is everywhere in Europe. There are many serious players in Monza, the competition is huge. Even in Monza, the competition is greater than in Bologna.

– What is your balance so far this season?
I hope to record more minutes and matches. This is a very ambitious team. The whole public here wants us to be in Serie A. Most of the players are new, we needed time to come together and embrace the coach’s ideas. At the end of the season we made strong games. We are in a good position in the playoffs.

– I know recently that your family was a guest. What are you doing off the field?
This was one of the good moments, because they came for a match in which I entered the game. I also get along with the guys on the team, but my Italian is still not good enough. There are people I’m closer to, of course.

– What are the things you want to work on?
The lineup is very competitive. I work hard. I want to develop and give my best. I also receive a lot of help – both from the coaches and from the other players. To get used to the situation of Italian football, you need more matches. I’m waiting for my chance.

– Was it your right choice to go to Monza?
Once I came here, I thought at the time that this was the right option. I haven’t got enough playing time, but this is one of the strongest championships. Fierce battle for both entry and exit. Definitely interesting. I’m on a great team.

– Did you meet Silvio Berlusconi?
Yes of course. He appears on the base. He gives us advice – both football and beyond. He is a great person and I am glad to have met him. Like Dr. Galliani, he is with us all the time. He encourages many teams.

– What are the cult councils of Berlusconi?
He is very sweet-spoken. His story goes. He talks about football, about situations from many years ago, when he was the owner of Milan.

– Does he make comparisons between Monza and the great Milan who won the Champions League?
He was the owner in the golden years of the team. All greatness has passed through him. It is too early to make comparisons. Monza is still in its early development. The goal is to be in Serie A, and then as high as possible.

– Who are the other interesting people you met?
I played against some of the greatest players – both in Italy and with the national team. When we played with Italy and France … when you see these players live, you say to yourself that they are from another planet and play another football.

– Against whom was the most difficult?
For me, one of the most difficult matches was against Muriel and Zapata. When I played with Bologna against Atalanta. Otherwise I played against Benzema, he is a player of the highest class.
Borislav ORLINOV