Sensual exercises to perform in quarantine

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In these weeks at home, the body has changed its routines, especially in those who did not have the discipline to go to the gym or exercise frequently. The walks to move from one place to another, the outings to dance and all daily movements have stopped. That influences health in a negative way, more in those people who now eat well and drink more alcohol, sitting longer.

This can also have repercussions in our erotic activity: flexibility and resistance will be affected. On the other hand, if we keep moving, then the anatomy will benefit because we will be able to last longer in the swings of pleasure and perform postures that are a little difficult if we do not have sufficient body strength.

The exercise par excellence to benefit the genital area is the one that works on the pelvic muscles of both sexes (although it is better for women). Working them is very simple: squeeze the pelvis as if you were checking the urine and then release it. Do it while you are doing the home office, teaching children or watching a movie. Also when they go to the bathroom (gradually let go of the pee).

Working your legs and glutes can be easy. They only need tennis shoes, comfortable clothes, a flat floor and a table. Do squats; first raise one leg to the height of your hips, then the other; Turn upside down and hold your feet with your hands to do the “rocking chair.” This will give them strength in that area that moves so much during penetration.

Exercising the muscles of the upper body with weight, either with weights or using full water bottles or heavy books, will strengthen the arms, which will not only be defined, but will be able to maintain positions where the force falls on the extremities superior.

The benefits will be diverse and infinite, since the erotic encounter with desire is also a way of exercising, burning calories and, by secreting various hormones at that time, helps to avoid depression and insomnia.

Beware of unwanted pregnancies

An instance of family planning in Guanajuato estimates a 15% increase in unwanted pregnancies during quarantine and I see it as possible, because although during the first weeks of the epidemic people were so afraid that they did not even want to look at the other, now I see to the band quite jariosa. Even in casual polls on social networks it is being said that, already installed in the “Stay at home”, they are having more sensual fuss.

I remind you that condoms are the easiest, cheapest and most affordable way to avoid an unexpected pregnancy. And even if you want to, think about the coming crisis, both economic and social. It will not be a good time for the world population to grow.


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