Seongnam Pottery Working Group “Excess profit recovery clause has been deleted”… Statement and Placement of State Commissioner Lee Jae-myung

Enter 2021-10-21 16:55 | Edited 2021-10-21 17:53

▲ Seongnam Urban Development Corporation. ⓒ Reporter Kang Min-seok

An official from Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, who participated in the Daejang-dong development project, is known to have said, “It is true that the provision of ‘recovery of excess profits’ was deleted from the documentation.” It is contrary to what Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jae-myung explained in the National Supervisory Service of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security on the 18th, “The provision for the recovery of excess profits from the Daejang-dong development is not ‘deleted’, but rather that the proposal for the recovery of excess profits was not adopted.”

The Kookmin Ilbo reported on the 21st that the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office’s investigation team (deputy prosecutor Kim Tae-hoon, deputy chief prosecutor) had secured a statement from a Seongnam Urban Development Corporation official saying, “It is true that an excess profit redemption clause was put in and then omitted.” The official also said that during the prosecution’s investigation, “(this provision was included at 10 am) and was omitted at 5 pm (pm).”

The ‘excess profit recovery’ clause included in the draft at 10 am… disappear after 7 hours

According to the Kookmin Ilbo, Seongnam Urban Development Corporation’s development project team 1 consulted with the Seongnam Uiyard Consortium, which was the preferred bidder, drafted a business agreement, and sent it to the Strategic Business Office at 10:34 am on May 27, 2015 for review. requested

At the time, the draft agreement included an opinion that “a separate provision (distribution of profits) will be required depending on the share ratio if the sale price exceeds the sale price suggested by the private business operator”, but this content was deleted at 5:50 pm, seven hours later. done.

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The official said, “There may be different views on whether it was deleted or not adopted,” he said. The official said that he did not know about the person above or how he deleted the provision within 7 hours.

Lee Jae-myung ‘Return provision’ Did you know or didn’t you… “I didn’t know” → “I had a suggestion” → “I didn’t know”

The governor has overturned his words as to how the excess profit recovery clause was deleted and whether he was aware of it. On the 9th, the governor Lee wrote on Facebook, “I don’t know if there was a discussion on the redemption clause.” However, on the 18th, the National Assembly’s Administrative Safety Committee said, “I did not accept the suggestion of a front-line employee to add, rather than delete, (excess profit recovery clause).” “This is a fact.”

However, on the 20th, the National Land Supervisory Commission said, “There was no report at the time, and I found out through media reports (there was a suggestion).” On the 18th, it was ‘there was a suggestion, but it was not accepted’, but on the 20th, it was changed to the meaning of ‘I did not know the proposal itself’.

The provision for recovering excess profits is the basis for supporting the profits of private business operators (Hwacheon Daeyu Asset Management, etc.). In the legal circle, if the reason for the omission of this clause is ‘intentional deletion’, it is highly likely that the Seongnam Urban Development Corporation officials at the time would be guilty of breach of trust. Conversely, if it is ‘not adopted’ for a valid reason, it is considered unclear whether the crime of breach of trust is established.

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“Lee Jae-myung’s ‘moral responsibility’ when intentionally deleting the redemption clause”

A lawyer in Seocho-dong, Seoul, said, “If it is revealed that the clause on the redemption of excess profits has been intentionally deleted and a charge of ‘breach of trust’ is applied to former Seongnam Urban Development Corporation’s planning division head Yoo Dong-gyu, the governor will be held “morally responsible” for appointing former general manager Yoo. “The charge of negligence of former general manager Yoo may be confirmed as ‘not guilty’ in the future, but it will act as a negative factor for Governor Lee during the presidential election period,” he said.

Meanwhile, the prosecution believes that within Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, there have been at least two proposals from the working group to recover excess profits from private business operators. Along with the circumstances in which the two proposals were not accepted, we are also tracking the flow of funds from key officials involved in the suspicion of large-scale operation before and after this period.

Prosecutors also believe that former general manager Yoo and Kim Man-bae, a major shareholder of Hwacheon Daeyu, caused astronomical damage to Seongnam City through the Daejang-dong project by tying up the documents obtained so far, including the process of filing, approval, and ‘deletion’ statements. Although the amount of breach of trust was not specified in the arrest warrants requested by the prosecution, the damage amounted to ‘hundreds of billions of won’.