Separated from Mélanie Orlenko, he does not support long-distance love

Coupled with Melanie Orlenko since the shooting of the cross 6, Greg Yega has a hard time making love at a distance. For it would seem that the young woman managed to make him forget Maeva Ghennam.

Here is a flashback on which few would have bet. Two years later their brief romance in Marseille vs Rest of the World 4, Greg Yega and Mélanie Orlenko have obviously never forgotten each other. The Marseillais was also delighted to see his ex again during his short stint in Objective Rest of the World.

Although he tried everything to get back together with the former candidate of The Island of Temptation, this one did not let itself be charmed by the beautiful words of the young man. At least, during the shoot. Because Greg’s words visibly continued to resonate outside in the young woman’s mind.

Greg Yega and Mélanie Orlenko again as a couple

The two candidates met during the filming of Marseillais vs The Rest of the World 6. And this time, despite the presence of Maeva Ghennam, Greg preferred to win back Mélanie, with whom he is still in a relationship at the moment. Only, Paga’s best friend lives in Marseille, while his sweetheart lives in Lyon.

Pagae and Greg yegar @instagram

After spending a few days together after filming, everyone returned to their respective regions. And the distance begins to weigh on the morale of the Bebew. A little depression that has not escaped the notice of those close to him, including Manon Marsault. Julien Tanti’s wife thus comforted Greg during a story Snapchat.

“It’s going to be fine, Bebew”

Yep, Greg seems to miss Mélanie a lot, even though they’re not that far apart. And Manon Marsault has noticed the vague in the fleeting soul of her friend, to whom she tried to cheer up:

Oh my, you’re still unhappy in love. No, actually he’s very happy but he misses his sweetheart, right? You haven’t seen her for two days. It’s okay, see her next week, it’s gonna be okay, Bebew.

One thing is certain, however, is that Greg Yega and Mélanie Orlenko are still together. So, is this the end of the tumultuous couple formed by Greg and Maeva, who have not stopped breaking up and mending each other for three years now?

Greg Yega: Separated from Maeva Ghennam and in a relationship with a friend of Luna Skye?
Greg Yega et Maeva Ghennam nstInstagram

To be continued …