Separated? The striking attitudes of Natalie Weber and Mauro Zárate that sparked rumors – Paparazzi Magazine

If perhaps they thought that everything was serene in the world of football, after the Greek drama between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, well, it’s not like that. Because in the last hours a strong rumor of a marital crisis was generated in one of the, so far, perhaps most solid (and fiery) couples in sport: Mauro Zarate and Natalie Weber.

The one who discovered that something strange is happening in the family harmony that seemed to reign in the house of Natalie and Mauro it was Juariu, when he detected a few strange gestures between the two on their respective social networks that immediately set off the alarms.

What did you notice Vicky Braier when researching the list of those who follow on Instagram? How much Weber What Zarate they stopped following each other; since when, we don’t know. “Che… what ondis? Mauro and Natalie split up? Crisis, or what? “, launched the future participant of MasterChef Celebrity 3 in their stories, proof in hand, as always.

But there was more: because Natalie He also published a very enigmatic phrase that can contribute to the version that everything would be wrong with the father of his children, Mine and Rocco. “Take care of what you want, it is very expensive to lose what is priceless”, shared the ex Pampita Online recently, without giving further details.

Zarate, for his part, he used his official account to upload photos with his colleagues from the America MG, without referring to anything in particular. However, it should be noted that the last photo in which his partner appears is from the end of September, a family postcard in which the player expressed: “My life”.

AND Natalie? The most recent photos with her husband are from August, her baby’s birthday. While the last image where she is seen alone with the brunette goes back to a party they attended, on July 25. What’s going on there, guys?

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