Serbian Djokovic started the 294th week at the top of the tennis rankings

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic started the 294th week at the top of the leaderboard and is approaching Roger Federer. He is losing 16 weeks to the stellar Swiss, who reigns this statistic with 310 weeks and ended this season in June after the second knee surgery. According to the ATP association, Djokovic could catch up with him on March 8.

Lisi Niesner, Reuters

A native of Belgrade, he equaled the record of the legendary American Pete Sampras at the end of last week and will finish the year for the sixth time as the world number one. Sampras did it without interruption between 1993 and 1998, Djokovic will close the season on the throne for the sixth time in ten years. He will take over the traditional trophy next week in London at the Champions Tournament.

Djokovic is now the world’s oldest number one at 33 years and seven months. This year, he could only be threatened by the Spaniard Rafael Nadal if he accepted a wild card for a small tournament in Sofia. As expected, however, he preferred to rest and prepare for London’s peak season.

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Sunday’s Masters winner in Paris, Daniil Medvedev, improved from fifth to fourth place in today’s new ATP rankings. The Russian tennis player overtook Federer, and next to Djokovic and Nadal, only the Austrian Dominic Thiem is ahead of him.

ATP tennis rankings as of November 9 (in parentheses previous ranking):
1. (1.) Djokovič (SRB) 11,830
2. (2.) Nadal (Sp.) 9850
3. (3.) Thiem (Rak.) 9125
4. (5.) Medvedev (RUS) 6970
5. (4.) Federer (Switzerland) 6630
6. (6.) Tsitsipas (Řec.) 5925
7. (7.) A. Zverev (DEU) 5525
8. (8.) Rubljov (Rus.) 3919
9. (9.) Schwartzman (Arg.) 3455
10. (10.) Berrettini (It.) 3075
…67. (66.) Cheerful (CZE) 913
191. (189.) Rosol (CZE) 327
1. (1.) Farah (Kol.) 8530
2. (2.) Cabal (Kol.) 8440
3. (3.) Zeballos (Arg.) 6930
4. (5.) Pavič (HRV) 6640
5. (4.) Mahut (Fr.) 6430
6. (6.) Soares (Braz.) 6120
7. (11.) Kubot (POL) and Melo (BRA) both 5700
9. (8.) Venus (NZL) 5630
10. (7.) Salisbury (Brit.) 5490
…108. (105.) Fucking (CZE) 904



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