On November 3, 58-year-old Sergey Mazaev became a guest of the program “The secret for a million.” The artist told Lera Kudryavtseva about the longstanding struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, as well as his personal life. The soloist of the Moral Code group admitted that he has a 19-year-old illegitimate daughter. The hero of the new release of the show “The secret for a million” was Sergei Mazaev. The singer spoke openly about the problems with alcohol and drugs that had arisen in his back in the 1990s. For the sake of his second wife Galina, who is younger than a musician for 18 years, he was able to stop. Recently, however, the artist broke: in May of this year, he again began to use prohibited substances. “A lot of things have accumulated, some kind of spring has broken. This circumstance is associated with work, plus some personal experiences. And Galya also played a role. It seemed to me that she didn’t understand at all who she was living with, ”admitted Sergey Leray. Fortunately, Mazaev appealed to the specialists in time and in a month again he started. According to the vocalist of the Moral Code, he is still struggling with the consequences of dependence. In January next year he will undergo an operation on the hip joint. Sergey told about his novels. The singer has denied rumors that he met with Natalia Vetlitskaya and Svetlana Bondarchuk. He had more business relations with the artist, and friendly relations with the journalist. Sergey admitted that in his youth Svetlana really liked him, but he did not dare to go to decisive actions. This is because by that time Fyodor Bondarchuk was already keen on her. The musician first spoke about his illegitimate child. Until recently, fans believed that Sergey had three children – son Ilya (from his first marriage), daughter Anna, who debuted recently at the Tatler Ball, and son Peter, whom his second wife Galina gave birth to. It turned out that the singer has another daughter – 19-year-old Natalia. In the late 1990s, Sergei twirled a fleeting affair with a writer and screenwriter from Ukraine. Three months after the start of the relationship, the darling informed Mazaeva about the pregnancy. “Natasha is now 19 years old. I never refused her, and she bears my last name. I helped her, but we did not live together. This is such a heavy wound in my heart. I worry that I did not pay attention to my daughter and the eldest son, ”said the artist. Now Natalia lives in the USA, where she studies at the Academy of Cinema. According to Sergey, he did not immediately tell his wife Galina that he has an illegitimate daughter. The woman was alarmed by the fact that a loved one decided to hide such important information from her. .


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