| Sergio Porporatto spoke at an international symposium on Sports Medicine

The sports doctor is part of the team of the Sports Program of the Government of San Luis. He spoke about “Scoliosis and Sports” before renowned medical professionals from different parts of the world.

Sergio Porporatto spoke at an international symposium on Sports Medicine.

Between September 10 and 12, the International Symposium on Sports Medicine and Applied Sciences was held, “Active and healthy life after pandemic.” It was virtual and had the dissertation of more than 40 health professionals from around the world.

The sports doctor, Sergio Porporatto, belongs to the Sports Program of the Government of San Luis, is in charge of the Sports Medicine Area and spoke this Saturday morning on “Scoliosis and Sports.”

“I addressed everything related to how to handle ourselves when pathology occurs, but especially at the time it reaches a surgical condition. I emphasized that one should not be afraid of the indication to practice sports because it is not a contraindication to carry out physical activity when suffering from this disease, ”said Porporatto. And he added: “It was a very good talk and I am proud to represent the province of San Luis and the Sports Program in an event of such magnitude.”

Regarding his functions in the provincial government, Porporatto joined Sports in December 2019 and is part of the High Performance Sports Subprogram. “The presence of senior professionals in the team allows our athletes to have an attention and a follow-up that has never been seen before. In this case, we are happy and proud to have a space for sports medicine because a healthy athlete is closer to achieving full development and the goals that he sets for himself, ”explained the head of the Sports Program, Cintia Ramírez.

Sports Medicine Area

Since its creation, this Area is primarily concerned with protocolizing the medical care of athletes. “We are working on the implementation of the Department of Exercise Sciences and we never stop serving the athletes who make up the provincial teams, even since the pandemic began they were able to make online consultations with me, the nutritionist and the physical therapists,” said Porporatto.

Currently, the professionals have their offices in the gymnasium of the “Ave Fénix” Sports Development and Specialization Center.

Thinking about what is coming, we will work on specific projects. One has to do with the control of the healthy athlete, another with the treatment of the injured athlete and a third linked to how sports medicine can work on the evolution of the athlete, from their recruitment until they reach high places and from what Health professionals can be incorporated into the work of physical trainers and coaches.

Note and photos: Press Sports Program.


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