Sergio Ramos: “Who was going to tell us, right Leo?”

The career of a soccer player is unpredictable, and if not, let them tell Sergio Ramos and Leo Messi. The former captains of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​respectively, have ended up signing this summer for PSG after completing their contracts. The Sevillian center-back has welcomed the Argentine star on Instagram: “Who was going to tell us, right Leo? Welcome!”.

Before the signing became official, the one from Camas already had a great gesture with the Argentineas published this Wednesday by El Pais, by offering his house to the Messi family in case they did not want to stay in a hotel. “If you and your family prefer to be in a house rather than in a hotel, you can stay in mine.”

In the image that accompanies the publication you can see the shirts of both players. Leo Messi’s arrival at PSG has been a revolution in every way, including the sale of elastics. The Parisian team announced a few minutes ago that he has no stock of Messi shirts having enabled the sale just an hour ago. It is an unprecedented phenomenon, since with Neymar they also sold out, but in one day.