Sergipe receives new shipments with 54,000 doses of vaccines against covid-19 | F5 News

The Ministry of Health confirmed the sending of new shipments of vaccines against covid-19 to Sergipe In all, 54,710 thousand doses of immunizing agents will be received, according to information confirmed to F5News by the Superintendence of the Ministry of Health in the state this Friday (4) .

The immunobiologicals arrive in the state on two flights with landings scheduled for late morning and late night at Santa Maria Airport, in Aracaju. According to the superintendent of MS in Sergipe, Tiago Rangel, the first batch should contain 44,460 doses of pfizer and the second 10,250 doses of astrazeneca.

1,646,636 vaccines were delivered to municipalities as the first dose and 1,544,452 were applied. For the second dose, 1,025,476 were delivered and 791,550 were applied. Regarding the single dose, 39,750 were distributed and 40,025 were applied. Data are from the State Department of Health (SES).

To expand the population’s vaccination coverage, this Saturday the 75 municipalities in Sergipe should mobilize around the D-day of vaccination against covid-19. The goal of SES is that at least 95% of Sergipe people over 18 are immunized. The measure is considered essential to prevent the advance of new variants of the coronavirus in Sergipe territory.

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