Serial Accidents on Pejagan-Pemalang Toll Road, Will Operators Be Penalized? page all

JAKARTA, – A series of accidents occurred on the Pejagan (Brebes)-Pemalang Toll Road, Central Java, precisely at KM 253+00 Line A, Sunday (18/9/2022) at around 14.15 WIB.

The accident occurred allegedly due to the burning of land around the toll road so that it interfered with the driver’s visibility.

So, can the toll operator be penalized?

The Director General of Highways at the PUPR Ministry Hedy Rahadian said his party was still waiting for the fact-finding team to submit its report.

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“We are still waiting for the fact finding team to report what kind of report, of course we will give it a warning or other sanctions, I think it is in accordance with the existing agreement,” said Hedy at a press conference at the PUPR Ministry Building, Jakarta, Monday (19/9/2022). .

Hedy also said that the investigation was not only carried out by a team from PUPR but also from the Police and the National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT).

“We are still waiting for what (the results of the investigation) will look like,” he said.

In line with Hedy, Head of the Toll Road Regulatory Agency (BPJT) of the PUPR Ministry, Danang Parikesit, said that his party was still waiting for the results of the KNKT investigation.

He also said that his party adhered to the concession agreement, including the responsibility of the Toll Road Business Entity (BUJT) as the operator.

“If proven negligent and do not fulfill the agreement in the concession, there are several stages starting from a warning, sanctions for delaying tariffs and up to the cancellation of the toll road entrepreneur agreement,” said Danang.

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Previously reported, Pejagan-Pemalang Toll Road (PPTR) as the manager of the toll road reported that one person died and dozens were injured in the accident involving eight vehicles.

PPTR Branch Head Ian Dwinanto added that the accident involved seven private vehicles and a box truck passing from the west or Jakarta to Semarang.

The incident is thought to have been caused by smoke from burning rice fields adjacent to the toll road, disrupting the view of a number of motorists.

As a result, visibility was reduced and forced to brake suddenly and several private cars were hit by trucks from behind.

Meanwhile, another vehicle that tried to avoid it crashed into the road divider.

“The visibility is 200 meters due to smoke from burning land by residents next to the toll road,” said Ian when confirmed on Sunday (19/9/2022).

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