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Thiruvananthapuram: Serial actress Saranya Sasi, who battled a chronic illness, has dreamed of her own home. When Saranya and her mother Geetha settled in the four-cent house built by Chempazhanthi Aniyoor in the love of many, it became a lifeline. Actress Seema G. Nair, who has been a strong supporter of Saranya’s journey, has come forward to make her home a reality. Seema’s love loan was named after Saranya’s house. The family name is ‘Sneha Seema’.

Saranya, a native of Kannur, was diagnosed with a head tumor in 2008. The tumor was surgically removed at Sree Chitra Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram, but was growing again at intervals. Surgery each time. So far, the surgery has been performed 10 times under the guidance of Dr. Mathew Abraham. The crisis was the cost of treatment. Atma, an organization of serial actors, was the first to help. As treatment continued, many sought help.

Seema and Saranya say that they were in crisis without even Rs 10 at the time of the 9th surgery. Sooraj Palakkaran shared the information on social media and many people helped. Feroz Kunnumparambil, a philanthropist, received Rs 25 lakh as a result of his efforts. After undergoing surgery for the 10th time last April, Saranya’s body was partially paralyzed.

She started walking again after two and a half months of physiotherapy at the Peace Valley Foundation Center in Kothamangalam. ‘It’s a little difficult to walk now. That’s right. He never considered his own home. It’s really like a dream, ” Saranya said. Seema says it was the happiest moment of her life.

‘The house was intended to be 1000 square feet. But two families in the United States came and said they wanted a better house and could afford it. They come to a nice house with all the amenities, including three bedrooms of 1450 square feet, ”Seema said. Seema ‘s brothers and sisters attended the milk catch ceremony and greeted the film and serial personalities.



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