Serie A丨Molinu sends 18-year-old youngster Jianqi to help Roma win and stop decadence, fulfilling promise to give expensive boots (17:29)-20211122-Sports-News

Before the Roma match, under the pressure of three unwinnable matches in Serie A and the UEFA League, they had a goalless draw against Genoa, a guardian, until 74 minutes. Morino made the first transfer to Affina Keene, who is also Ghana. Ji Feng will play in the league for the third time this season. He lived up to his expectations. He scored the first goal from Mihidalion in 82 minutes and scored the first goal of the professional game. Then he scored another goal in 3 minutes of stoppage time, making Shuf, who led Genoa for the first time, really sap. , After the match struggled in the last three, Roma rose to 5th, still behind Napoli, who lost to Inter Milan 2:3 by 10 points, and with the latter losing, the five major European leagues are invincible. .

Morino said: “Kean can calmly seize the opportunity to score, which impressed me. He still needs to be trained technically, but he has a strong game mentality. He is very humble and you can feel him. I am willing to learn. This is a very good thing.” Mo Shuai continued: “I promised to buy Keane a pair of boots that he likes very much. They are really expensive and cost 800 Euros. He ran over and told me not to Forget! Tomorrow morning, the first thing I will do is to do what he wants.”

Keane said: “Molinu is a great person and a great coach. He gives you the motivation to learn every day. I am glad he is here. My dream tonight has come true. This is mine. I have been looking forward to the first goal for a long time. I want to continue my performance and prove that I can contribute more in the future.”

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