Serie A – 10th j. | Juventus ratings

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Man of the Match: D. Berardi (7): The European champion, very punchy, took advantage of the defensive passivity of Juve to lead often dangerous offensive streaks, until his decisive pass for the victorious goal of the game.

Juventus Turin (4-4-2)

M. Perin (4,5): Holder tonight, the Italian goalkeeper could not save his family from defeat, conceding 2 unstoppable goals. He was still decisive, deflecting a Berardi shot with his fingertips in the 18th minute of play.

Danilo (4) : Absent from several markings on Juve’s defensive streak, the Brazilian side did not have a big impact in a solid match like his opponents. He will be replaced in the 80th minute by Kulusevski for an offensive solution.

L. Bonucci (6): Very solid defensively, the old lady set the tone for his teammates through precise passes that often created danger.

M. De Ligt (4,5) : Less efficient than his friend at the central hinge, the Dutchman will experience a slightly more complicated evening in the face of multiple attacks from Sassuolo.

Alex Sandro (3): Substitute for De Sciglio from the 12th minute, the Brazilian left side will take time to enter the match. This passivity will benefit the men of A. Dionisi who will make this corridor their preferred side to lead their offensives.

F. Church (6.5): Very active on the right flank of Juve, the European champion was omnipresent tonight. He multiplied the offensives and accelerations, but was also present on the defensive level.

W. McKennie (5) : The American environment has hardly been visible compared to its usual level. He nevertheless showed fighting spirit, and saved his game on a whim synonymous with a 1-1 equalizer.

Locatelli (5,5) : Struggling in the midfield, the Italian player will still lend his intelligence and his reading of the game to lead the Juventini offensives. He will be replaced in the 80th by the Brazilian midfielder Arthur.

A. Rabiot (4) : in lack of efficiency and success, the French environment will only have time to play for one period. Replaced in the 46th by Square, the Colombian will stand out for his commitment and his aggressiveness.

P. Dybala (6): The captain of the bianconeri formation will be at the origin and even at the end of several offensives which he once touched the post. Despite his technique which is recognized to him, the Joya will be caught in a pincer movement by a very concentrated and solid defense.

A. Morata (3): The Spanish striker has once again shown offensive passivity. Very transparent in the attack of his group, he will be replaced in the 63rd by the youngster Kaio Jorge.

Sassuolo (4-2-3-1)

A. Advice (5): Imposing in most of his interventions, the goalkeeper from Sassuolo was still powerless on McKennie’s header for the 1-1 equalizer.

Roger (5): The full-back was present and combative, holding Dybala in check. His aggressiveness earned him a warning in the 61st minute of play.

G. Ferrari (6) : The Italian captain of a great evening, was present on the entire defensive line, with unparalleled consistency and intelligence. His commitment will bear fruit for an away victory.

K. Ayhan (5,5): Like his captain, the central defender will stand firm in the defense of his camp, and will completely absorb Morata’s play.

M. Mûldûr (5) : The Turkish side had a good game, in harmony with the entire defensive line. He comes out anyway with a yellow card, synonymous with his fight in the duels. In the 87th minute, he will be substituted by A. Harroui.

M. Lopez (6) : The former resident of Olympique de Marseille, solid defensively, did not hesitate to project himself forward. His offensive play and his surgical gesture at the finish earned him star status on the winning goal in the 95th minute of play.

D. Frattesi (6): Like his teammate Lopez, the Italian defensive midfielder also distinguished himself both defensively and offensively, scoring the 0-1 goal. He will give way to J. Toljan in the 72nd minute.

G. Raspadori (5): The left winger, a little less active than the others on the offensive line, still managed to dominate his opposite in the duels. he will be replaced in the 62nd by the young striker G. Scamacca.

H. Traorè (5,5) : The central midfielder of Sassuolo, very present in the game, largely contributed to the victory of his team. He will give up his place in the 86th minute to Chiriches.

D. Berardi (7): See above.

G. Defrel (4) : the French striker, author of several calls, will remain sterile against the opposing cages. He will nevertheless be crowned with success on the decisive pass for the 0-1, and will give way to Matheus Henrique in the 72nd game.