Radovanovic and Cristante. Afp

Radovanovic and Cristante. Afp

No light, Rome remains in the dark tunnel where it is from the beginning of the season by drawing at home (2-2) even against the last of the class, Chievo. And in the end the Giallorossi must also thank Olsen, who, 15 seconds from the end of the recovery, places a real miracle on Giaccherini without which the Giallorossi's thud could have been even more thunderous. So the initial double advantage of El Shaarawy and Cristante in the second half were answered by Birsa and Stepinski. But the impression is that Rome lasted just over half an hour, then nothing or almost. And to take advantage of it was a Chievo that eventually comes out of the Olimpico with a deserved point probably unexpected. To cancel the -3 inflicted by the Prosecutor these are the results that can help make the difference.

tear forward
 Di Francesco chooses Nzonzi in directing and grants a rest to Fazio, giving space to Juan Jesus. D'Anna, however, confirms the predictions of the eve and tries to put balance to a team in difficulty. With a hot asphyxiating, the rhythms can not be incessant, but Rome is clearly found to make the game immediately, when after just 25 seconds of play becomes dangerous with Dzeko head. Then it is still Dzeko to go in on the line of the bottom line and to create havoc, until the 10 'does not get the advantage: cross from the right of Florenzi and tap-in close El Shaarawy, left too free by Rossettini. The advantage is the result of a slow but steady dribble of the Giallorossi, who often try to make the opposing defense unbalanced, but finding few spaces to move forward. And then for the 2-0, 30 ', serves the play of a champion like Edin Dzeko, who ties in the chest area of ​​the assist of Under, works well in protection and gives the ball right for Cristante, who in tow bags of dish. For the hosts it seems all done or almost and instead it is not so, because Chievo touches on two occasions the header, first with Stepinski and then with Birsa.

Giallorossi's darkness
 In the second half D'Anna sends Hetemaj for Obi and the Veneto midfield finds more quality and consistency. So the guests also balance the balance from the point of view of dribbling and entrepreneurship, having nothing left to lose. And the greater confidence of this start of recovery was rewarded at 7 ', when Birsa just outside the area is the corner of the opposite pole, where Olsen can not do anything. The Giallorossi reaction is in a hint at Under's speed (Sorrentino's beautiful open hand response) and in 4-2-3-1 that Di Francesco draws from 25 'onwards, with the entry of De Rossi alongside Nzonzi (and Cristante trequartista). This was because the defense was giving signs of failure and the midfield was not filtering as it did at the beginning. And then it is better to compact than to risk. The problem is that Rome is now physically dropped and has no balance. So in the 38th minute Chievo draws with a general defense patatrac: Karsdorp is out of position, Jesus punctures the intervention and puts Kolarov in trouble that risks the own goal (deflection saved by Olsen), the ball comes to Stepinski who defends it, turns and bags on the other side, with Kolarov and Nzonzi lenses in marking and Olsen who stays on the legs. The 2-2 is a general disaster of the Giallorossi rearguard and yet another demonstration of how good Stepinski is. At the 5 'minute of recovery an unwatchable Karsdorp gets jumped out by Giaccherini, who then finds the other side around, with Olsen making a real miracle with which he gives at least one point to Roma. It ends like this, with the Southern choirs against Pallotta and the impression that for Rome there are many more shadows than the lights.

Andrea Pugliese

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