Serie A, the best goals of June 2020

Di Carmine has the aurea of ​​the Serie B center forward, those who always do well in the cadet series, but who as soon as they try the jump end up rejected, benched by some old lion or sold in January with a score of one or two goals. Maybe that’s why Di Carmine waited 32 years to try Serie A for the first time. In a team that revolves a lot of its attackers, Di Carmine took away some satisfaction, especially in the first half hour of the first game after the break, against Cagliari. First a header, a true center forward, then this crazy goal, perhaps the purest representation of Juric’s heavy-metal football.

Di Carime begins the action by literally tearing the ball from Ceppitelli’s feet, swooping behind him like a hawk. Then he defends him without touching him, as if he were playing rugby, to leave it to Verre who, also as if he was playing rugby, picks him up and runs towards the goal, separating himself from four opponents who cannot bring him down. The action is so rugby-style that Verre, when he realizes that he can no longer go vertically, stops, turns on himself and then serves – strictly not forward – Di Carmine, who after defending the ball went up the field at shoulders like a faithful squire. Verre’s passage is not perfect, the attacker is required to control a dirty plate, slightly behind the body which makes him stretch the ball to the right, but not in a natural way. Instead of raising the white flag – declaring the nuanced action and returning to the ranks – Di Carmine in the heat of his feet plant the pivot foot in the ground and twirling his hip like a boxer hits the ball straight for straight just ahead of Pellegrini’s recovery. The ball spins away from his foot which is a pleasure, slips under the closest intersection without Cragno batting an eyelid. We do not know if Di Carmine will score many other goals in Serie A, probably almost nobody will be so beautiful, however that is a nice way to stamp an objectively exceptional season for Verona.


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