Serious incident between the army and terrorists

The incident occurred during the night near Jenin and not far from the Israeli settlement of Har Adar near Jerusalem.

Five armed Palestinian terrorists were killed in a firefight with IDF special forces, and over ten others were injured. On the Israeli side, one officer and one soldier were seriously but not critically wounded. The IDF forces acted on the basis of apparently reliable intelligence that the Palestinians intended to carry out an attack with as many victims as possible. Their action began before midnight and continued into the early hours of Sunday morning. Hamas responded with a brief initial reaction: “The blood of the dead was not shed for nothing”. The terrorists came from the ranks of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who at the time of the incident was already on the flight to the UN General Assembly in New York and was kept informed of what was going on, said his government would fully support the army’s exemplary approach.

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