“Serranos Profiles”: an exhibition by the artist José Nola at the Governors’ Residence in Renca

With an impressionistic proposal, the landscaper from Villa del Carmen proposes to make the mountains of San Luis visible. The exhibition can be visited from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., throughout July.

“It is an exhibition of paintings made on wood, with the oil technique. It has the characteristic of having taken the mountain profiles of geographical accidents. I seek to make visible from San José del Morro, to Pasos Malos, through an impressionistic proposal that seeks to capture the different situations of the day, states of luminosity and visibility with respect to the Conlara Valley”, explained José Nola.

“My passion for painting was born since I was a child, I liked to draw. When I arrived in Buenos Aires, my beginnings were with landscape painting as an urban painter, I would go out with the lectern to paint in the middle of January in the Plaza de Mayo, in Plaza Dorrego, considering painting from action, the social, the street, the everyday”, said the artist from Chile.

Later, Nola attended the meetings of landscape painters in Merlo, where she met San Luis and adopted Villa del Carmen as her land to live: “There I began my project in the province and also taking art to schools, through workshops and murals. . I thank Culture for the accompaniment”.

Note and photo: Press Ministry of Culture.


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