Service management in the IoT environment

22. June 2022 –
A modern service management solution aggregates and analyzes the operational technology (OT) data collected at the starting point (edge). In this NOSERpunkt11 webinar, we will use the example of monitoring a wind turbine to show you how, based on this data, such an AI-controlled platform provides functions such as anomaly detection, predictive maintenance and asset discovery.

Monitoring a wind turbine
Enterprise IT organizations are deploying more internet-enabled devices than ever before, trying to harness the valuable volumes of data they generate away from centralized networks or public clouds. This Industrial IoT explosion has created a gigantic reservoir of OT data, but it is not used to predict potential failures or monitor critical systems as the IT and OT data systems, tasks, tools and processes are isolated.

By bringing IT and OT data together on a unified platform, it is possible to use classic service management functions to detect anomalies and treat them with the right priority.

We will show you what such a solution can look like using the example of monitoring a wind turbine.

Webinar offers exciting insight
Would you like to learn more about this topic? On Tuesday, June 28, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. Noser Engineering is hosting the NOSERpunkt11 Webinar on the subject “Service management in the IoT environment”.
Here Matthias Weidinger from BMC Software, Dr. Hanspeter Seiler from FROX and Oliver Buntefuss from Noser Engineering on how to optimally manage your IoT resources and minimize downtime.

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