Service today: competence equals speed

Areta iog, UAB Adampolis service and shop network manager: We understand very well that every day with a non-operational vehicle, customers incur big losses.

The times when breakdowns in transport services were solved with a hammer are in the distant past. iandienos service is a competence center where specialists with high competence in mechanics, engineering and electronics work. The service team of the renewed Adampolis MAN Tuck & Bus store, the official representative of MAN Truck & Bus SE in Lithuania, plans its daily activities according to customer expectations and optimizes the service operation process so that the transport takes as little time as possible and the business experiences the lowest operating costs.

in the service activity, quick repair and service solutions are needed, which results in shorter vehicle downtime and, ultimately, lower losses for businesses. For logistics businesses, speed is becoming perhaps the most important criterion in evaluating service activities.

We sometimes hear that the sellers sell the vehicle first, and the rest is done by the service. There is a lot of truth in that. The smoother and better the service works, the more customers are satisfied with the available fleet and willingly choose the same product enkl, says Areta iog, one of the largest commercial transport and spec. manager of the service and store network of the technical company UAB Adampolis.

Currently, there are 4 authorized MAN Truck & Bus service centers in Lithuania, including the main logistics roads in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Marijampolje. Jobs in driver’s services are extremely wide today.

Invests inias

we are approached as professional MAN service partners and detail suppliers. We repair all types of MAN engines and units, which are not only in trucks, buses, minibuses, but also in trains, marine ships, cargo cranes, etc. We also have and agree with NATO power partners who are stationed in Lithuania and operate vehicles with integrated MAN engines. Each agreement is a great appreciation of our professionalism, says A. iog.

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The qualification of the employee is critically important in the job. The service and repair of each vehicle or unit requires specific information. High qualification of employees guarantees faster repair solutions. By relying on an authorized service, customers’ downtime in services decreases from 5% to 15%.

Currently, our team employs more than 100 steering wheel qualified specialists. Most of them have been working for more than 5 years. This makes us very happy, because it shows that we are an attractive employer, and also indicates to the client that we have a professional team of service specialists. From Monday, as soon as we receive information about a new MAN product, we start preparing the service team. We know that knowledge and expertise must be available before the vehicle arrives for service. At the same time, we are also investing in the service performance in the near future, says A. iog.

knowledge and competence, according to A. iogs, is the basis of activity, and customer satisfaction and evaluation is one of the most important indicators of the company’s work.

We will make an agreement with the employees, the represented manufacturer and, of course, the customers. With each individual, we advise on acceptable work, billing, etc. We aim for our services to be a help, not a note. We understand very well that every day with a device that is not in use, customers need large losses, the principles of work are discussed by the manager.

New services for speed

authorized MAN Truck & Bus service centers are integrating new services designed to save time. One ij, the Extra line service was introduced at the Marijampols service center in the summer. Customers are accepted without queuing and registration. Such works as ibint adjustment and inspection, oil change, air conditioner filling, computer diagnostics or brake inspection are performed immediately, only after the arrival of the customer. The service is gaining popularity and positive customer reaction, so Extra line will start working in our other service centers from the beginning of October, says A. iog.

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Another innovation to be introduced, which service customers have already appreciated, is the free technical support service. Each vehicle has certain telemetric control systems that allow monitoring the vehicle from a distance and predicting possible breakdowns, services or other operation and repair decisions in advance.

We currently have over 900 vehicles that our customers have enjoyed tracking. We inform the customer about the upcoming services, detailed replacements, and at the same time we provide information and recommendations for the efficient operation of the vehicle. This allows the owner of the vehicle, if necessary, to change the time of operation, to plan not only the time in the service, but also the amount of service and repair. I believe that entrusting the technical access of the transport fleet to authorized service centers is the future of the service, another way to save the customer’s time is to save A. iog.

Help cannot flow

A considerable number still work in Europe and there are cases when the vehicle breaks down on the border of Lithuania. The service team in Europe does not leave its customer alone.

Customers can contact our service team in Lithuania 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and we contact partner services in specific areas and promptly find solutions. Clients value our services because we take over all the steps related to solving the problem: we find authorized service, guarantee the quality of the repair, warranty and ensure 15% to 20% better work pricing than the client paying for himself. you know, sometimes we have to call a specialist for remote consultation and repair solutions. Customers who use this service notice that they save not only time, but also money. It is important for us that the customer does not experience stress and additional losses when the vehicle accidentally breaks down in another area, says A. iog.

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In order to avoid malfunctions on the road, the MAN Truck & Bus service center also applies other measures to ensure the quality of service or repair. When the vehicle comes to us due to one or another failure, we perform a preventive inspection of the vehicle according to the MAN manufacturer’s standard, so that after a week, the vehicle will not be used for other reasons, if the malfunction is not noticed in time. The service process is organized in such a way that the customer does not have to break down due to repeated failures, this is one of the main criteria when evaluating the quality indicators of the service, says A. iog.

During the last year, the MAN Truck & Bus service network represented by Adampolis Truck & Bus serviced about 15,000 vehicles. Together with the growing range of services and the abundance of customers, the number is growing every year. According to A. iogs, women who buy MAN perfumes or special technician and without using the service, it is already a problem. It is true that larger companies have their own automechanic teams, so sometimes they decide to carry out the service themselves after the warranty service is over. The Adampolis Shop chain of retail stores comes to the aid of such customers, ensuring that the necessary MAN transport parts are always available.

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