SES provides vaccines for healthcare professionals and patients with specific needs

SES provides vaccines for healthcare professionals and patients with specific needs

Service is offered through Crie, which does not work with spontaneous demand, but through the referral of a specialist doctor

Reference Center for Special Immunobiologicals (CRIE), located in the building attached to the Emergency Hospital of Sergipe Governador João Alves Filho (Huse), linked to the State Department of Health (SES), currently offers 16 vaccines and four categories of specific immunoglobulins for patients, health professionals and people with specific immunization needs, which are not offered by the Basic Health Units. The service is provided from Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 5 pm.

The doctor, Márcia Estela Lopes, highlights the importance of the organ and the main needs presented by users in the unit. “We are also responsible for ensuring the necessary mechanisms for investigation, monitoring and elucidation of cases of adverse post-vaccination events and for the application of Palivizumab, in addition to patients with chronic diseases and/or with compromised immune systems due to congenital immunodeficiencies, or acquired (HIV/Aids), cancer, solid organ or bone marrow transplants and therapeutic immunosuppression”, he highlights.

Health professionals

Health professionals are also entitled to vaccination, due to the vulnerability caused by the exposure caused in the daily work environment, as they are directly or indirectly exposed to different and diverse microorganisms, which can lead to infection. Therefore, it is extremely important that health professionals receive guidance and immunize themselves. A preventive measure subsidized by the legislation that deals with the worker’s health. Among the vaccines indicated for this professional class are Hepatitis B, Influenza, Triple Viral, Antitetanus, Pneumococcal 23, Hepatitis A and Meningococcal C, in addition to Chickenpox.

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Crie does not work with spontaneous demand, but based on the referral of a specialist doctor, that is, for people with comorbidities and diagnosis indication, it is mandatory to make an appointment by phone 3259 – 3656. It is also necessary to present the SUS card number , vaccination booklet and medical report with the diagnosis and indication of vaccines.

Source: Government of Sergipe