The wife's picture accompanied by her lover.

While a pair of Peru used Google maps to find the best way to reach the "bridge of sighs" in Lima, the couple discovered a personal coincidence that later turned out to be his wife, but the surprise did not stop there.

A man from the Peruvian capital of Lima, who thinks his use of Google maps, would reveal an unpleasant surprise and thus write the last chapter of his marriage story. The Peruvian pair, using Google Maps to get the best way to reach a bridge from Lima's bridges, has discovered a familiar personality, according to the site of the British newspaper Metro.

The Metro website explained that the husband, through Google Street View (a feature in Google Maps showing photos taken using a moving car), was able to identify his wife, sitting on a seat in a city street. He added that the wife was not alone, but was sitting with another person who later turned out to be her lover.

The same source said that the pictures, dating back to 2013 show the betrayal of the wife to her husband, where the wife sits with her lover on one of the seats in the street and near a bridge called "Bridge sighs" Puente de los Suspiros, and the wife was fondling the hair of her lover.

In contrast, the site "n-tv" that the husband faced his wife with pictures taken to prove her betrayal. The German website added that the wife confessed to having an affair with the person who was with him, which led to their subsequent divorce.

"The world is small, the wife was enough to tell her husband that she no longer loved him," one person said, adding that the husband had posted photos on his own account on Facebook.



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