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It could not be any better for "Bauer sucht Frau" candidate Nadine Meyer. With farmer Benny, she has found in the 15th season of the RTL show her great love and may now call even Nadine Morath. The two have made a romantic alliance for life.
In addition, there is a tremendous personal success: The 42-year-old has managed to lose a lot of kilos in recent years. But the huge weight loss Nadine has now brought to the hospital!
Farmer Gerald makes fans a great offer (read more here) "Because life does not always go the way it was hoped for! Offenbach Sana Klinik, I'll be back, "writes the TV candidate on Facebook. For the fans, this post caused consternation – what's up with Nadine?
Suspicion of diaphragmatic break The RTL star gives the all-clear: "Beloved, it's nothing so bad. I have to go to the preliminary talk and then I know more. My 85-kilo loss price was too high and I'm somehow fighting my whole life to get better, "she told her followers on Facebook.
Already nine gastric and intestinal operations had the 42-year-old already endure. Now comes the next setback: suspected diaphragmatic hernia.
But Nadine can not be stopped: "Wait and do not worry. I rock that. Would be laughed too, if not. "
In November 2017, the trained kindergarten teacher in the interview with "Promiflash" was still pleased that after the skin tightening, the operating room must not see again first. Hopefully, this wish will soon be fulfilled. (Mei)


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