Setback against women in the US, Trump’s legacy

The annulment of the constitutional right of women to abortion by the Supreme Court of the United States, in addition to representing a setback of almost five decades for that country, is an example of the power that radical conservatism maintains in the most powerful nation in the world. .

Said ruling by the highest US court is already considered one of the most retrograde in decades, since it not only breaks down the discourse that makes them a country of rights and freedoms, but it will also transform the panorama of reproductive health of women. women, which is a victory for the extreme right in that nation.

Despite the fact that the ruling is a regression to the struggle between conservatives and liberals, who formed the country, not everyone is concerned about it, many even celebrated it and one of them is the controversial former president Donald Trump who took credit for said verdict and described as “the greatest triumph for life in a generation”, statements that were pointed out as an act of provocation to the feminist sectors that, by the way, have been violently repressed in their demonstrations.

But how did Trump influence the setback that the Supreme Court gave to women’s rights in the United States?

Let us remember that one of the direct legacies of the former president was having appointed three radical ultraconservative members on the Supreme Court related to him and his racist and retrograde ideology, even Trump himself affirmed that said sentence was only possible because “he complied with everything promised, among them, the nomination and confirmation of three highly respected constitutionalists for the US Supreme Court,” he said.

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Although this issue should only concern the women of the American Union, in reality, it is a social issue in which everyone fits, so it is unfortunate that, in a self-proclaimed country the watchdog of rights and democracy in the world, make room for that type of setbacks that, in the short future, will do a lot of damage to an entire society, so it would not hurt to take a look at the laws of our country, and in particular those of Mexico City , because with everything and its great problems, and from the governments of the left, for years the rights of women to decide on their bodies have been enshrined, a factor in which we have made great progress in countries that claim to be from the first world .

Similarly, in the southern states that at some point were slave owners and that have racism in their DNA, with the ruling
of the Supreme Court, leave women even more vulnerable in their right to abortion, since, if before it was difficult to carry out this medical procedure, with that decision, it will be practically impossible.



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