Seth MacFarlane goes hard and trash talks Fox while still having Family Guy on the network

Seth MacFarlane who recently took his sci-fi series “The Orville” to Hulu from Fox has many things to say regarding his former network.

He was very outspoken

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed mastermind Seth MacFarlane, and he opened up about his experience dealing with the Fox Network “I want to say, it is an absolute thrill to not be on the Fox network, “We never really belonged there.”

“Between Beat Shazam, Name That Tune and Don’t Forget the Lyrics!, Fox has really captured the demo of people who have no idea what song they’re listening to,” and continued “It takes a special talent to pander to the lowest common denominator without actually getting them as an audience.”

There are still shows in Fox

One of the things that surprise many people, is that MacFarlane still has business with Fox since Family Guy is still being broadcasted through the network, although it is owned by Disney. They just wrapped up their 20th season and is still working on the 21st installment.

Seth has had four different shows on Fox, including Family Guy, American Dad, Cleveland Show, and The Orville

What is the Orville about?

The Orville is a sci-fi show that is a perfect blend of comedy and drama, set in the 25th century it follows and pays homage to one of the greatest sci-fi shows in history: Star Trek. The show directed by MacFarlane incorporates artificial intelligence, and spaceships, and follows Captain Ed Mercer in his post-divorce space adventures where his second in command is his ex-wife, Commander Kelly Grayson. The Orville: New Horizons premiers June 2nd