Setrag announces the resumption of Owendo-Franceville passenger traffic

DIG/ After a period of conclusive tests of the circulation of freight trains, the Gabonese authorities marked their agreement for the resumption of passenger traffic.

Setrag officially announced, on March 29, 2023 to its customers, the resumption of passenger traffic from Thursday March 30, 2023according to the following program:

“Setrag would like to renew its gratitude to the Gabonese authorities, to the Eramet group, as well as to all the partners who have contributed to restoring traffic in the best conditions of safety and sustainability.

Setrag particularly expresses its gratitude to its teams and those of Comilog who mobilized from December 24, 2022 and relayed 24 hours a day on this site to once again allow connection between the different provinces of Gabon. Finally, Setrag thanks the users of the passenger trains for the patience and the renewed confidence”, said the rail carrier.

As a reminder, following the landslide of December 24, 2022 which interrupted rail traffic, major work was undertaken to safely restore train traffic in the impacted area.

In accordance with the concession agreement, technical experts from the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and the Rail Transport Regulatory Authority, carried out the acceptance of the works on March 4, 2023.

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