Setup, survival, tower defense and massive waves of opponents

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In The Riftbreaker by EXOR Studios (X-Morph: Defense, Zombie Driver) you control Captain Ashley S. Nowak – an elite scientist and command unit in a powerful mecha suit. Your goal on the distant planet Galatea 37 is to build a base that will allow you to return to Earth and further colonize. Your mecha suit she ‘Mr. Riggs’ names provides equipment for basic construction, resource extraction, sample collection and of course for combat.

In the game, which is described as a build-up and survival game with action role-playing elements, you build a base and collect resources in the hostile environment. Automated mines, refineries, pipelines for the transport of liquids, factories for the production of weapons and various energy systems are being built. The built systems should be quite complex, since the portal to the home world will require quite a bit of energy. The necessary resources can be found in the area – and in some places quite far away from your own base, which you can equip with automatic defense guns. You will be able to travel between the main and secondary bases using portals, which is also necessary because Ashley S. Nowak does not like all kinds of alien opponents. Heavy weapons arsenals are brought up in combat, especially when the defenses of the enemy flood are no longer up to the task. By the way, defeated opponents get research samples and rare resources that are needed to research new technologies, buildings, weapons and equipment.

The game scene trailer gives an overview of the game. The full version is expected to be released later this year. The Riftbreaker is currently in the alpha phase Steam.

Latest current video: gameplay trailer



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