Sevastova: “In the second set I started doing stupid things”

It has already been reported that Latvian tennis player Anastasia Sevastova did not overcome the first round of the Tokyo Olympic Games singles match on Sunday, in which she lost to Fion Ferro from France with 6-2, 4-6, 2-6.

Olympic debutant Sevastova is 53rd in the WTA rank, while Ferro is 11th down.

In the first set, Sevastova managed to win a convincing victory, forcing Ferro to make mistakes several times. In the middle of the second set, when Sevastova was leading 3-0, it seemed that the second round was no longer at hand, but Ferro greatly improved his performance, being able to win three sets.

“In the second set, at the 3-0 advantage, I started doing stupid things. I lost one break, reaching 1-3. At that time, I had to keep playing instead of losing concentration and start talking about something,” the Liepaja woman shares her thoughts about the middle of the second set.

“That’s my weak point – I can lose the game. I won’t remember such matches this year.”

“I think I started the game well, even though I didn’t show my best. I lost my serve, the blow from the left, I started to move worse and much more, “Sevastova did not shy away from criticizing herself.

It seemed to the Latvian tennis player that in the middle of the second set Ferro noticed the defects in the opponent’s game and skillfully used it later.

“She started serving better and better. The mistakes that Ferro made in the first set also disappeared,” the Frenchman praised Sevastova. “I think a break before the third set will help, because I can calm down, but in the heat it didn’t help. Ferro continued to show his game, but my level was worse.”

Both tennis players played the game on the sixth court, which is not protected from the sun, on Sunday morning after Tokyo time. The air temperature during the game reached more than +30 degrees Celsius. The heat made it a terrible day for FC, who seemed unable to keep up with the other players.

“I felt good. There didn’t seem to be any problems. The heat wasn’t pleasant,” Sevastova said of the conditions on the court. “The longer the game, the harder it was.”

Sevastova’s talent at pressing frustrated the spectators as the game became a dire midfield struggle. The first serve, which became increasingly inaccurate from the second set onwards, was also disappointing. Also, with each subsequent set, the number of points won in the first serve games decreased.

At the beginning of the third set, Sevastova failed to beat Ferro, which is their chance in the next game. The Latvian tennis player played the lost in the third game, but “failed to regain his game”.

“In the second set, I lost the lead and lost the concentration, so we failed to gain confidence to take the blows from the left,” explains Sevastova. “I moved catastrophically badly to the left. Also, the serve was bad. It can’t be served – you’ll always get a break.”

The Latvian tennis player, although suffering a loss, does not shake his head, because participation in another tournament is planned for next week. “Already going to the game, I didn’t feel ‘super.’ I almost won, but it’s not enough in tennis,” the tennis player emphasizes.

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