Seven cities in Chile are among those with the most expensive homes in Latin America | Economy

Factors such as the scarcity of land, the mining or tourist focus, have seven Chilean cities in a ranking with the properties with the highest value in Latin America.

Santiago listed as one of the cities with the highest square meter value within the main Latin American cities. But in the analysis six other cities in Chile appear.

The above according to a study carried out by, which analyzed the sale prices of used apartments in dollars per square meter for almost 80 cities in Latin America as of March 2022.

Among the countries analyzed are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay and the United States, only with Miami, which also presented a sufficient offer to include this locality in the ranking.

“Around 15 cities were considered for each countrythat they had a significant amount of population and that they had a sufficient offer of ads within the platform”, explains Nicolás Izquierdo, manager of Planning and Operations of

“The methodology does not consider resorts or smaller towns that could have higher values ​​such as Cariló in Argentina, Zapallar in Chile, José Ignacio in Uruguay,” he details.

The cities with the most expensive properties in Chile

Among the cities that lead the ranking at a general level, Chile stands out with three cities in the top 10 of the most expensivecon Santiago in fourth place with an average value of US$2,640/m2, Viña del Mar in sixth with a value of 2,629 US$/m2 and Calama in ninth with a value of 2,490 US$/m2.

Further down, but also at the top of the ranking, are cities such as Antofagasta in the 12th place, Iquique ranked 13th Montt port with the 14th place and Conception in 15, with values ​​of US$2,246/m2, US$2,187/m2, US$2,179/m2 and US$2,178/m2, respectively.

Regarding Santiago, Viña del Mar and Calama, towns that appear in the ranking with the highest values ​​for the sale of apartments, it is due to “very consolidated real estate markets and with a strong mining or tourist focus for some cases”, they comment from

The order that can be seen in the ranking allows us to understand that all the Chilean cities considered for the analysis are within the first 30 most expensive citiesin a study that considered almost 80 localities.

“This allows us to understand how countries that are positioned with a higher average salary and more expensive cost of living, have a higher housing value, such as the cases of the United States, Chile and Uruguay. To this we must consider other more local factors, such as the scarcity of land that affects several cities in Chile, including Santiago, Antofagasta and Concepciónmore dynamic market and construction standards among others”, they detail.

Other sectors that were positioned in the analysis with the highest values ​​are Miami in the United States with the first place in the ranking, east end in Uruguay with the second and Solidarity/Riviera Maya in Mexico with third place.

The three localities with values ​​of 5,825 US$/m2, 3,174 US$/m2 and 2,712 US$/m2 respectively.

On the other hand, within the localities with the most accessible values ​​are Veracruz in Mexico and Cúcuta and Soacha in Colombia with values ​​of US$743/m2, US$687/m2 and US$666/m2, respectively.