Seven crazy conspiracy theories: Bill Gates is to blame! Or 5G? Or the Rothschilds ?!

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JEvery major catastrophe is accompanied by conspiracy theories – including this one. The reason for this is simple: the human brain tries to recognize patterns in everything, be it in the stars in the sky or in a plague. In reality there is no pattern. There is only coincidence – and misfortune that was not deliberately caused by anyone.

The new corona virus, which has made hundreds of thousands sick and killed tens of thousands, is (despite all martial rhetoric) no enemy. We don’t care about the virus. It does not want to impose its will on us; it is not trying to surrender. It wants to spread further, that’s all.

Here are the seven main conspiracy theories currently circulating on the global computer network:



A spray against Corona – biotech companies form new alliances

The “least bad” formula to close the year


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