Seven out of ten French people support a government of national unity

It’s a little music that comes back to each crisis. That of the coronavirus will not have escaped it. To overcome the difficulties, some are pushing for the establishment of a government of national unity with personalities from all corners of the political spectrum. Emmanuel Macron had seemed to take a step in this direction – while remaining deliberately vague – during his address on April 13. The head of state had mentioned his desire to “Build another project in harmony”. “In the coming weeks, with all the components of our Nation, I will try to draw this path that makes this possible“, He added.

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LR voters most supportive

Generally very popular, the idea of ​​a government of national unity once again convinced the French. Faced with the health crisis and its multiple consequences, 71% of them would be favorable, according to an Ifop survey for The Expansion Letter published Monday. LR voters are the most enthusiastic about its implementation (84%), ahead of those of the PS (76%), RN (75%), LFI (72%) and LREM (62%). With regard to the parties currently in the opposition that could be called, the respondents would vote 80% for EELV environmentalists, ahead of LR (77%), the PS (67%), the RN (55%) and finally LFI (53%).

But is the establishment of such a government possible? Within the political class, few really believe in it. Apart from a few isolated figures, the right and the left are currently hostile to lining up behind the President of the Republic and prefer to remain in opposition. “The left failed to take the hand extended by François Bayrou in 2012 (who had called for François Hollande to vote in the second round, editor’s note), so we can hardly imagine rallying today to a government of Emmanuel Macron“, Emphasizes Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, the former first secretary of the Socialist Party, at Figaro .

Never has a government of national unity really been formed under the Fifth Republic. The last date of the end of the second world war, under IVe. It was united under Charles de Gaulle between 1944 and 1947 and brought together Gaullists, centrists and Communists. After the victory of the allies and a country to rebuild, the circumstances were exceptional … As today with the health crisis?


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