Several Salvadorans to the conference semifinals at USL

In the second division of soccer in the United States there will be several compatriots fighting to win the coveted 2021 league title

Unlike the MLS what remains in the USL (Second division) will have more Salvadoran cheerleaders for the final stretch towards the title in 2021.

Two clubs where soccer players from Cuscatlecos are active qualified for the conference semifinals at the USL Championship.

The first of them is Toros de Rio Grande Valley, which has in its ranks Christian Sorto, Andrés Flores and Alexis Cerritos. “RGV Toros” will play against San Antonio in a single duel at Toyota Field this Saturday, November 13.

Photo: Courtesy of the USL

Another of the teams that keep a national talent in battle is Orange County SC, where Eric Calvillo plays on loan.

The Orange County offensive midfielder will give everything to prevail against Okland Roots also this Saturday the 13th under the same format, in a single match. It will be crazy.

There could be a Salvadorans duel in the Western Conference if Toros and Orange County qualify, if so we would have at least one compatriot in the grand final of the USL Championship 2021.

From CANCHA we wish the best to both Toros and Orange County, to break it cracks!