Severe storm watch is activated in San Antonio: hail, strong winds and rain are possible | Video | Univision 41 San Antonio KWEX

[úsica]Gabriel: thanks foraccompany us.we stay on alert inall of central texas.probability of hail. is hedanger that remainsactive for uvalde, del ío,hail reports to thewest and in the medina 10:00 at night withwinds of 60 mph. nowe can rule out the formationtornadoes.the intense wings for uvalde.the color yellow and the colorI fell, there you can registerhail the size of agolf ball or big wings.storms making their waytowards the border.fredericksburg with winds of20 mph.elulas of rains on deep.a storm line iscrossing San Antonio 7:30the night.for this afternoon, have a lotcaution. we have seen that thehail has been generated inour coverage area.we are hot, but then we goto have cool on Wednesday,64 ° the lowest.stop raining until

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