Severe weather: fire brigades in constant use –

According to the Graz professional fire brigade, over 250 missions were still open on Saturday evening, as much of the damage was only visible later: Flooded cellars and underground garages, some of which were up to two meters under water, landslides and trees that threatened to fall on houses – those were those Main problems with which the fire brigades still had to struggle – especially in the Andritz, Geidorf and Mariatrost districts.

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A notice:

Holding Graz offers from Monday (02.08.2021) to Saturday (07.08.2021) from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the collection point Neufeldweg / Maggstraße 35, 8041 Graz, so that all garden owners can dispose of their tree, hedge and shrub cuttings caused by storm damage the free delivery of green waste.

“At the moment exactly 259 missions are still open, as some have followed suit and 340 have already been dealt with,” said Dieter Pilat from the Graz professional fire brigade on Saturday evening. In order to be able to complete the most important clean-up work, the Graz fire brigade relied on the help of colleagues from the Graz area or Radkersburg.

Prepare for further storms

Deputy fire director Heimo Krajnz from the Graz professional fire brigade had already emphasized on Saturday morning: “We will be on duty all day today.” We are prepared for further storms: “We assume that there could be another thunderstorm cell at midnight and have now prepared ourselves so that we will then have enough fire fighters from all over Styria to be able to guarantee appropriate protection for the people of Graz, ”said Krajnz.

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Retention basin

City of Graz – security management

According to the safety management, the retention basins in Graz are functional and have protected them from major damage

The Graz security management continues to call for people not to leave houses for avoidable routes, to avoid cellars, underground garages and underpasses and to heed the storm warnings: “We ask the people of Graz to continue to be very careful,” Krajnz warned.

Unstable weather conditions

However, Hannes Rieder from the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics had some good news for the time being: As large amounts of rain as on Friday are not expected for the Graz area on Saturday, the weather situation remains unstable.

More storms threaten

The weather services are warning of thunderstorms throughout Styria until Sunday.

“At night, the showers can hit the areas away from the mountains – we’re talking about the regions south of Graz; there could be showers and thunderstorms here and cells from Italy or Slovenia could hit Styria in the coming night, ”said Rieder. The next thunderstorms with heavy rain, hail and squalls then threaten again from Sunday afternoon, especially in southeast Styria.

Around 400 missions

On Friday, the violent thunderstorms came over Graz in several waves – within minutes the streets and cellars were flooded, trees were uprooted. Nobody got hurt. However, numerous roads had to be closed.

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The Graz professional fire brigade had to work through hundreds of missions and had to use all available forces and request additional support from 15 fire brigade units from the Graz area.

Crisis team: missions not completed for a long time

The city’s crisis team met on Saturday morning to coordinate the operations, says Deputy Fire Director Heimo Krajnz: “The focus is on underground garages that are under water, but also slopes that have slipped and streets that have been cleared of rubble by the holding company become.”


City of Graz professional fire brigade

A crisis team met on Saturday morning to be prepared for the next storm

The Graz tram network was and is still partially affected by damaged overhead lines. The Schloßberg lift was also damaged – it had to be closed until further notice. In addition, 5,500 households in Graz were occasionally without electricity due to flooded substations – but the damage has now been largely repaired.

Flooded orchard in Mariatrost


Flooded orchard in Graz-Mariatrost

The storm damage on Saturday was not only visible in the urban area, but also in agriculture: According to hail insurance, maize, pumpkin and vegetable and fruit crops in the Graz area and in south-eastern Styria were affected: the damage will amount to 2.6 million euros estimated.