Severe weather warning in Bremen and Hanover: Rail traffic severely restricted | Regional

Hanover / Bremen – This week it will be slippery. Monday starts in Lower Saxony and Bremen with a severe weather warning from the German Weather Service.

As early as Monday morning, freezing rain and a significant risk of black ice can be expected, as the German Weather Service announced. During the day, the rain is expected to turn into snow. Whole 3 to 10 centimeters of fresh snow are expected, as a spokesman for the German weather service said. “Drivers have to be careful,” he warned.

“Drivers have to be careful”

Regional traffic in Lower Saxony and Bremen will also be severely restricted at the beginning of the week due to the weather. Delays and cancellations can occur in many places, as Deutsche Bahn announced.

Massive restrictions in rail traffic

Trains between Braunschweig and Schöppenstedt, Braunschweig and Herzberg, Göttingen and Einbeck-Mitte and between Northeim and Nordhausen will be canceled early Monday morning. Blocked platforms can also mean that there is no stop, for example at the S3 from Hanover in the direction of Hildesheim. S-Bahn trains between Celle and Hanover main station and the express line from Seelze to Hameln do not run until the end of the day. The other restrictions are to be lifted gradually over the course of the day.

Long-distance transport also has delays and cancellations at the beginning of the week. Trains are delayed on the route between Kiel / Hamburg and Switzerland as well as Hamburg / Bremen and Munich – they are diverted between Hanover and Göttingen. Trains from Stralsund via Hamburg to Karlsruhe are no longer available between Hamburg and Karlsruhe. There are also no trains between Berlin and Frankfurt that go via Braunschweig.

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