Sevilla expects quintuplets: «May God take me confessed»


Not one, not two, not three, not four. Miguel Ángel Rodríguez 'El Sevilla', the singer of the group Los Mojinos Escozios, has announced on social networks that he will be a father again. And this time of quintuplets. "May God take me confessed," he said in a tweet accompanied by an emotional video in which the artist once again demonstrates his sense of humor that has made him so popular both on and off the stage.

48 years old, 'El Sevilla' confesses, quite excited, that 'we were surprised when the doctors told us that there was a multiple birth. We expected more than two but it is that we are five suddenly. «I am almost of age to be a grandfather, but no. To the oldness smallpox », adds the singer and humorist

Sevilla was already the father of three children. "Let's see if I remember how it is to be a father, because Lolita was born eight years ago, the last one", confesses the leader of the rock group famous for the humor that comes from the lyrics of his songs. "Thank you all for the congratulations and I will inform you", promises the singer and humorist.

Curiously, hours later El Sevilla also gave via Twitter another news bomb. Your next participation in the contest 'MasterChef Celebrity'. In the video accompanying his message, the prestigious Basque chef Martín Berasategui offered to teach him all his culinary secrets: "You will be the tiger and we will be your kittens. You are great in everything you touch ».


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