Sevilla, the fifth club in Europe that “best” faced the economic crisis

Roberto Arrocha




Sevilla, one more year, and according to the report carried out by the prestigious firm KPMG to which ABC de Sevilla has had access, continues on the list of the 32 most valuable clubs in Europe. In the annual report The European Elite, and which the audit will make public today, it is established that the Nervión team has a value of 346 million and that it occupies the 26th position in this prestigious dossier. In addition, and as the most striking fact, it is specified that Sevilla is the fifth club that has decreased the least percentage compared to the last balance, just before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, with -7% (from 372 to 346 million).

The other clubs that have also known how to overcome the crisis in a better way they are Borussia Dortmund, in position number 12, with -5 (from 1,281 to 1,220); Atlético, in 13, with -5% (from 1,197 to 1,133), Ajax, in 21, with -3 (from 432 to 418), and Galatasary, in 26, with -6% (from 366 to 345). The rest of the clubs that make up the list of the 32 most economically powerful clubs in Europe have had a greater percentage decline in terms of their capital.

The study of KPMG Football Benchmark It is based on the analysis of the clubs in terms of profitability, television income, popularity, sporting potential and value of the stadium, among many other variables, taking into account the last two seasons. The clubs that are ahead of Sevilla are Madrid, with 2.909 million; Barcelona, ​​2,869; Manchester United, 2,661; Bayern Munich, 2,621; Liverpool, 2884; Manchester City, 2,170; Chelsea, 1875; PSG, 1,754; Tottenham, 1,708; Juventus, 1,480; the Arsenal, 1,445; Borussia Dortmund, 1,220; Atlético, 1,133; Inter, 877; the Schalke 04, 502; the Olympique de Lyon, 489; the Naples, 485; Everton, 455; Milan, 427; the Leicester, 424; the Ajax, 418; the Rome, 405; Valencia, 367; the Atalanta, 364; and Benfica, 349. Behind Sevilla in the list of the most powerful clubs in Europe are Galatasaray, 345; Lazio, 298; the Porto; 252; Villarreal, 239; Olympique de Marseille, 195, and Fenerbahçe, 184.

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LaLiga contributes 6 teams in the KPGM report, one less than Serie A in Italy. The remainder is divided as follows: England (8); Germany (3), Italy (3), Turkey (2), France (2) and the Netherlands (1). The teams that have entered this list with Atalanta, from Italy; Fenerbahçe from Turkey and Olympique from Marseille. On the contrary, Athletic Club, from Spain, are left out; Besiktas, from Turkey, and West Ham, from England.

KPMG sources highlighted the “excellent” work of the Sevilla leaders in order not to decline in such a “complicated year” and the need for European clubs to be able to continue reinventing themselves in the face of new difficulties that may arise. Without fans in the stadiums, and all that this entails from the economic point of view, there have been entities that have known how to recover, in the case of a Seville that they give as an example in the audit. For this, in addition, KPMG makes a series of conclusions that go through a reform of the regulatory system of the UEFA Financial Fair Play, in addition to a change in the match schedule, among other aspects. “For the first time in our annual reports, the business value of the 32 leading European football clubs has fallen by 15% year-on-year (- € 6.1 billion) to € 33.6 billion, slightly higher than the level of 2018. The overall decrease has been the result of the annual decrease in the total operating income of the 32 clubs, in contrast to the constant growth during the previous five years ”, underlined the director of KPMG Global Sports, Andrea Sartori.

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