Seville wins Europa League against AS Roma after penalties and an endless game of football | UEFA Europa League 2022/2023

It was the question that had to find an answer: Sevilla for the 7th time the Europa League or José Mourinho for the 6th time a European cup? Both have a 100 percent success rate. It was a very long wait for the answer to become known.

However, the game seemed to last only 90 minutes. Because there was momentum in the game. No major dangers, but a lot of ball possession. Especially on the Seville side.

And yet the first big chance was for Roma. Bono was allowed to show himself for the first time after just over 10 minutes on Spinazzola’s shot.

The chef’s surprise was Paulo Dybala. Like a rabbit out of Jose Mourinho’s hat, he was on the field as a basic player. After a rough start, he returned after 36 minutes.

A pass from Mancini broken through the center was good for the Argentinian, crossing with his left to secure the lead.

A blast from Rakitic against the post at the end of the first half set the tone for the second half. Sevilla went looking for the equalizer with a higher gear.

And whoever seeks, finds. A sharp cross from Jesus Navas, under pressure from that other Moroccan who shone at the last World Cup, En Nesyri, was processed in his own goal by the assister of the 1-0, Mancini.

Afterwards, Bono once again showed sharp reflexes.

A messy phase seemed to have scored a goal, but that was not counted on the goalkeeper. Belotti later also couldn’t get past it. It was clear: Bono wanted penalties.

And after a few penalty kick phases, many injuries and meaningless extra time, he also got it.

In this he again proved himself superior. With his long legs he made Mancini’s evening even worse. And his fingertips also played a role in Ibañez’s eleven-meter against the post.

Montiel eventually needed two chances to end the very long evening. History was again rewritten by Sevilla, which, after a rotten season in their own country, is once again taking home that European cup.

The answer to the question that was asked on May 31 was finally given on June 1. And Jose Mourinho, who is no longer unbeaten in European finals? It went very quickly, without the cameras seeing it, for his medal, which he threw into the audience moments later, and disappeared silently.