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Sex and dialogues … Our summary of the second episode of Season 8

The Ghost Wolf watches over his master Jon Snow in Game of Thrones Season 6 – HBO

  • Episode 2 of the season, which has six, has been broadcast in the United States and France on OCS.
  • The entire episode takes place in Winterfell.
  • It features several satisfying scenes for fans and prepares for the arrival of the White Walkers.

After a first episode of transition, this second opus of season 8 of Game Of Thrones was to allow the saga to return a little more in the heart of the subject. Broadcast on the OCS platform in France in the night from Sunday to Monday, at 3am, the episode takes place entirely in Winterfell and begins with the arrival of Jaime Lannister. We see Daenerys, Jon, Arya, Sansa, Bran, Tyrion, but also Tormund and Sandor Clegane.

Here is our recap 'of this second episode, which tightens the guts and prevented us from regaining the arms of Morpheus serenely.


Game Of Thrones become talkative again, for the better. The second episode of season 8 is not the one of the great battle against the dead, but we come here. Really. The impatient will moan that a season
Who counts only six episodes in Spend two to install the plot before the big explanation (final?) between dead and alive. However, this second episode should satisfy the fans, and this for several reasons.

In a succession of scenes in which the series finds its art of the intimate dialogue, with even a little humor sometimes, the episode allows to find characters facing their strange destinies. At the level of small pleasures, we see, furtively, the return of Ghost, the wolf of Jon. We also attend the symbolic marriage of Brienne and Jaime, before he knights the noble warrior in a scene that has torn us from tears.

A twilight aura

Another scene that will make people talk is when Arya and Gendry really get past sexual allusions. In addition, a scene of cold reception by Daenerys and his yard Jaime Lannister, succeeds that where the knight penguin dialogue with Bran, under the sacred tree. Their dialogue makes it possible to relativize the rivalries between Queen Targaryen and her Stark subjects. Bran tells him half-heartedly that he has an important role to play in the coming war. When Jaime asks him what will happen next, Bran retorts, "Who tells you there will be an after? "

In another scene of military preparation, in front of a map of the battle, Bran explains that the King of the night is coming to kill him, the Three-eyed Crow, and the memory of this world. Samwell abounds. The goal of the White Walkers is to plunge the world into the night, to erase everything. This scene, and others, like the fireside vigil around Tyrion, give the episode a deeply disturbing twilight aura. The characters are for the most part convinced that they will not survive the next day. The series contemplates his own death approaching, and it's very beautiful.

A disappointing couple

Among the events of this episode, we are satisfied to find the verve of Tyrion, again thanks to Jaime, even if it has lost its superb. Daenerys, she, a dirty episode, abused by a Sansa in the center of attention (we realize that it is the center of the stories that took place in Westeros), and by Jon who reveals his true identity. The first reaction of the queen is to find that his godson passes him in the order of succession.

Their exchange, disappointing on the romantic level, again (this couple, we do not believe at all, at all), is interrupted by the arrival of the army of the dead on the walls of Winterfell. In all likelihood, episode 3 will be the war. Unless we are entitled to another similar episode, in Port-Réal this time. We do not believe it too much. The saga arrived at a knot, all the strings of the improbable story strained to reach this point. After two episodes to contemplate the narrative and emotional complexity of which gave birth Game Of Thrones by torturing his characters, the series will find its other attraction: the epic breath. And the dead.


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