Sexologists: there are five factors that affect the quality of sex


Sexologists told us what factors can adversely affect the quality of intimate life and bring to bed. Analyzing them, you can improve sexual relations, experts say.
The main factor is physical activity: for quality sex, you need to be in good shape, which means you need to regularly visit the gym.
The second factor is bad habits, such as alcohol and smoking. They contribute to reducing the sexual activity of partners.
The third point scientists have identified the right diet, because for a full and high quality intimate life is very important metabolism.
Also, experts point out such a factor as a healthy dream. According to them, if a person sleeps less than five hours, this provokes a low production of testosterone, which is responsible for libido.
The last factor was called by the specialists diseases, including venereal diseases. Experts recommend to monitor their health and regularly check with a doctor.


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