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The police warn of this scam and call for caution
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Sexpressing: Unknown perpetrators demand 500 euros

A man from Füssen has become a victim of sexpressing. He met an allegedly interested woman through a dating platform. They exchanged numbers and the man sent photos and videos with sexual content. The previously unknown perpetrators then demanded 500 euros to prevent the video from being distributed. The police have started the investigation and are calling for non-compliance with such demands for payment.

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Last Friday another case of extortion on a sexual basis was reported to the local police station. The victim managed to get a WhatsApp contact from an unidentified person via a dating website. His counterpart pretended to be a sexually interested woman and initially there was a written exchange on Messenger. In the further course, photo and video material was also sent to each other, on which clear sexual content was recognizable. Using this, the victim was then blackmailed by an unknown counterpart. 500 euros should be transferred to prevent the described content from being distributed. The police advise against accepting any such demands for money. As is well known, the only result would be even larger monetary demands with the same leverage. In the most recent case, the demand was not complied with. Further investigations by the criminal police are necessary afterwards.

News date: Saturday 18 March 2023