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Sexual abuse of children: sixteen year old arrested – Chronicle

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State Police

A boy of 16 years he has been arrested in Brindisi on charges of having repeatedly forced two 12-year-olds to undergo sexual acts, threatening to beat them if they revealed anything. The young man was arrested by the Brindisi Mobile Squad in execution of a precautionary custody order issued by the investigating judge of the Juvenile Court of Lecce at the request of the juvenile prosecutor. According to the indictment, the 16-year-old had long ago targeted a child. Once she would have forced him to undergo sexual acts in vain elevator of an apartment building of Brindisi and the 12-year-old was then released by other minors who managed to forcibly open the doors and pull him out of the elevator. In other circumstances he would have forced another 12-year-old to see pornographic films and to practice and undergo sexual acts in a public park. The disputed facts refer to episodes dating back to the summer of 2020, but the 16-year-old would also have previously practiced abuses that, in large part, would have been covered by silence of the group that gravitated around him and the victims.

According to what was reconstructed by the Lecce Prosecutor’s Office, the story developed into a “friendly” context in a group of kids of the same age who used to spend their free time together playing on the street in Brindisi. The sixteen year old had entered this “reassuring” context, strong in his own physical and demographic superiority, he began to rule by coming to brutalize sexually those who until then had believed him a friend. The young man took advantage of the naivety and age of the victims who kept silent about the abuse fear of being beaten. According to the Prosecutor of the Juvenile Republic of Lecce, Simona Filoni, “every violent action is consummated by the suspect with a incredible ferocity, with a brutality worthy of delinquent conduct of normally adult subjects, already structured in an irremediably deviated way “. wall of fear and silence that surrounded the story broke up when one of the members of the group of friends was a direct witness to some episodes of abuse and then told everything to the police.

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