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Melissa Nosti is a flight attendant who spent a week in prison. The reason for your conviction? Have sex with a 15-year-old boy.

Despite the fact that the events for which he is accused occurred a decade ago, the judicial process is barely developing, as has been suggested by several Australian media, the country where the case takes place.

What is known

The crime occurred in 2010. At the time, Nosti, who is now 33 years old, he worked as an assistant at the school the victim attended.

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What happened at the time of the abuse was not made public, but a court in Belmore, a Sydney suburb, received a written statement from the victim.

This text was described as “convincing” by judge Susan Horan, who said she believed that yes “the line had been crossed”, according to the local media ‘Daily Telegraph’.

That was one of the reasons why the woman was found guilty of a crime classified as “have sex with a minor over 14 and under 16 “, as the minimum age to provide knowledge in Australia is 17 years.

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In the week of October 12, the woman was sentenced to 18 months in prison with a period of six months without parole. But he only served a week, as his lawyer appealed the decision and managed to get his client released on bail and with conditions.

While Nosti is free, he will not be able to approach young people under 16 years of age

Among the reasons presented by the defense were that, based on a medical report, Nosti had little probability of repeating that crime.

In addition, after the incident, she had gotten a job as a stewardess for the airline Tiger Air, which she ended up losing due to the new coronavirus pandemic.

As confirmed by ‘Daily Telegraph’, the decision to release her comes while, at the end of this year, a Sydney District Court decides on the appeal.

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Within the conditions that the young woman must meet They are not to approach children under 16 years of age or to move from their home (in the north of Sydney).




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