Sexual disobedience, queer imagination and political forms in Argentine art | News | Buenos Aires City

What forms of the political have been inventing and mobilizing the sex-gender disobedience? What place do images occupy in the ways in which queer politics challenge the majority orders of modulation and normalization of desire, subjectivities and bodies that neoliberal capitalism produces and manages in the present?

In this meeting led by Fernando Davis, the notion of queer imagination will be proposed to put into dialogue a set of works that contributed, in different contexts, to the invention of political forms, alternative ways of life and sensitive minority horizons around bodies and sexualities. A series of works (mostly belonging to the collection of the National Museum of Fine Arts) by Alberto Greco, Liliana Maresca, Fabulous Nobodies, Jorge Gumier Maier, Cristina Schiavi, Feliciano Centurión, Serigrafistas Queer, Effy Beth and Franco Mehlhose, will be addressed. among other artists.

Ferdinand Davis He is a full professor of the chairs of Theory of Artistic Practice, of the Faculty of Arts of the National University of La Plata (UNLP) and History of Contemporary Art in Latin America, of the Transdepartmental Area of ​​Teacher Training of the National University of the Arts ( A). He directs the research team “Sexual mismatches to the history of art from the south. Archive technologies, critical visualities and queer temporalities”, based at the Institute for Research in the Production and Teaching of Latin American Art of the Faculty of Arts of the UNLP. He has curated, among other exhibitions, !QUEER! Opaque dissolvences, crooked poetics and other insurgent fantasies (La Plata, UNLP Art Center, 2018) and Invent outdoors. Sexual disobedience and political imagination in contemporary art (co-curator, Buenos Aires, Parque de la Memoria – Monumento a las Víctimas del Terrorismo de Estado, 2021).