Saturday, 21 Apr 2018
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Sexual harassment: Liam Neeson evokes a “hunt for witches “

The American-British actor joins Catherine Deneuve on her latest posts in The world . If he recognizes that the tendency to denounce harassment is “healthy”, the hero of taken is skeptical about the measures taken against certain accused celebrities.
“There is also a bit of a witch hunt,” Neeson said Friday night on Irish television, after numerous charges of harassment and sexual assault in the aftermath of the Weinstein affair. »READ ALSO – Sexual assault, rape: Hurricane Harvey Weinstein Since these revelations to the powerful Hollywood producer, dozens of personalities from the world of entertainment, the arts, the media, politics or gastronomy have been publicly accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault or rape. “There are people, famous people, who are suddenly accused of touching a girl’s knee or something like that, and they are suddenly out of their program …”, added the actor of 65 years. “Undecided” on the case of Dustin Hoffman The actor was particularly concerned about the dismissal in November of the host Garrison Keillor, an institution in the world of radio in the United States, for “inappropriate behavior” towards a collaborator. On the other hand, he said he was “undecided” about the case of the 80-year-old American actor Dustin Hoffman , accused of harassment and sexual assault by several women. “When you play in a play and you’re with your family – other actors and technicians – you do strange things,” said Liam Neeson. “You do strange things and it becomes superstitious. And if you do not do it every night, you think that will bring bad luck to the show, “added the actor, born in Northern Ireland and also holder of US citizenship. »READ ALSO – Collective #MeToo: Catherine Deneuve lynched on social networks These comments come after the publication on Tuesday from a platform in The world by a hundred women , including the French film icon Catherine Deneuve, arguing in particular “the freedom” of men “to annoy” the opposite sex. These personalities describe the wave of testimonies of sexist and sexual assaults as a “whistleblower campaign”. On the same television show, however, Liam Neeson later acknowledged that the general trend of denouncing sexual harassment was something “healthy.”

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