Sfax: The beginning of the exploitation of the blood purification unit in the new hospital in Beer Ali bin Khalifa


On Monday, April 16, 2018, the unit began to exploit the blood purification unit at the new regional hospital in Beer Ali bin Khalifa to proceed with the exploitation of the rest of the components of this project, which has been known in the past, in the next few days, according to the regional director of health in Sfax Ali Al Ayadi.
Al-Ayadi said kidney patients who used to move to the city of Sfax to carry out a blood-cleansing operation and to face the difficulties of traveling between Baiar and Sfax through a distance of 60 km can start from today to benefit from this health service in their area and avoid the trouble of moving. In addition to the blood filtering unit, which consists of 10 filter machines, the project includes several components that were completed within two installments that have been completed since the period before the revolution with a total appropriation of more than 11 million dinars. The first installment consists mainly of an emergency section, a maternity section, a laboratory and technical headquarters. The second installment includes external festivities, an x-ray department, a pediatrics department, a public medicine department, an operations pavilion, an internal pharmacy and technical headquarters. It is worth mentioning that the inauguration of the Regional Hospital was officially postponed after it was programmed for 9 April due to technical delays related to the electrical works in the final stage of the project. The regional and central health authorities were forced to postpone the official launch to the coming days Blood Filter Unit. The Regional Director of Health that the process of launching and start the total exploitation of the various interests will not exceed a few days as it depends only on completing the procedures for the assignment of technical staff and semi-medical frames that will occupy the departments of this hospital, he said.


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