Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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SFR: disturbed fixed and mobile calls

Subscribers get angry. This Wednesday afternoon, thousands of users of the operator SFR were unable to make or receive calls. Enough to annoy some who are not deprived to share their exasperation on social networks.

At 16 hours, the failure was reported by more than 2000 users of the specialized site downdetector.fr, mainly in the Paris region, in the agglomeration of Lyon, Marseille, Nice or Toulouse.

On social networks, SFR confirmed the problem, without giving more details on the origin of the breakdown. Subscribers are invited to contact support via the @SFR_SAV Twitter account.

Asked by the Parisian, the management of SFR recognizes a problem, but that would be, she insists, settled. "Due to a problem of interconnection with other operators," she explains, "some of our customers have encountered difficulties in placing their calls, fixed or mobile, between 12.00 and 17.00, at which time all services is back to normal, "says the operator.

An internal investigation was initiated to determine the causes of this interconnection problem that prevented calls, and only calls, between the SFR network and those of its competitors.


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