Shakira has finished Piqué’s girlfriend, Clara is being treated in hospital

Piqué’s new girlfriend had a nervous breakdown from the flood of hate, and had to be taken to the hospital.

Gerard Piqué’s girlfriend, Clara Chía, is not pocketing what she received from Shakira’s fans in recent weeks. The singer’s latest song, called Session 53, targeted the 22-year-old girl, who decided to disappear from social media due to the many attacks and criticisms that also targeted her family.

Clara Chia is Gerard Piqué 2022. December 27-en.(Photo By David Oller/Europa Press via Getty Images)

According to sportsfinding, Clara had to be taken to the Quirón clinic in Barcelona the other day because she had a nervous breakdown.

As a result of the hospitalization and the negative public mood, the new star couple canceled their planned programs for the week and hid from prying eyes in the former soccer player’s house in La Cerdanya.

The sudden and overwhelmingly malicious media attention is taking a toll on the 23-year-old, who Piqué wanted to support by making their relationship Instagram-official with a photo together.

Since the release of Session 53, Clara is afraid to go out and works exclusively remotely.